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King Servers - trusted servers and hosting. 10% discount for members of the forum!
[Image: de0a0b058fa4.gif]

[Image: 26c55c4a765a.png]
King Servers offers quality VPS/VDS hosting, virtual hosting and other useful services. You will be pleasantly surprised by the service, support and the highest Uptime!

We are better, because:
  • We provide all the conditions for project development - our capacities correspond with the declared ones, at any time you can perform vertical VPS scaling to physical server or several servers.
  • Technical support woks. Always. For the sake of your interests.
  • Optimal combination of price/quality. We work on fast virtualization systems that do not use server performance. High-end level data-centers. Stable prices for consistently high quality of virtual servers.
Virtual hosting
[Image: be2fbffe8457.png]
Virtual hosting of King Servers is represented by the following tariffs:

  • Disk space: 5Gb
  • Domains: 1 domain / FTP access
  • Traffic : Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • Disk space: 10Gb
  • Domains: 5 domains / FTP access
  • Traffic : Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • Disk space: 15Gb
  • Domains: 25 domains / FTP access
  • Traffic : Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • Disk space: 25Gb
  • Domains: 50 domains / FTP access
  • Traffic : Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
VPS/VDS servers
[Image: d34a1f2bd597.png]
Advantages of our VPS/VDS hosting:

    Simple and intuitively understandable interface will help you to prolong subscription to the hosting, change configuration, make request to the technical support and other tasks in a few minutes.

    You can change configuration of VPS in real time both increase and decrease the productivity of the server Here you will find solution for any task - fast and capacious HDD/SSD (10-100Gb HDD, 5-25Gb SSD) storages, qualitative communication channel from the data center, possibility to choose amount of RAM and type of CPU provides proper level of scalability.

    By the using of shared-hosting any project can be infected by a neighboring site. VPS/VDS means only independent virtual environment, so this way of infection or breaking open is excluded. Well-designed protection against DDOS-attacks.

    Each launched server is tested. The software of stable assemblies and reliable hardware from world brands are used.
Dedicated servers
[Image: d46c0e929d47.png]

    If you choose a server from the Prompt Setting Up Section with standard software, we will manage to prepare it for you within the shortest term possible.

    When you hit «Deploy», you will have the confidence that your new dedicated server solution will be available for use the same day, often in as little as an hour.

    Power management, IPMI access, real-time traffic monitoring – this and many other features you will find in our billing panel of server management.
Additional services
  • Storage Servers

    Our Multi-Award winning range of Storage Servers are perfect for any business that requires Scalable Enterprise Storage.
  • DDos Protection

    Professional protectionagainst any DDoS-attack - we provide security for your business.
  • Streaming Video
  • CDN - Content Delivery Network
  • Dedicated Servers
  • VDS Servers
To get a 10% promo for any service of King Servers leave message "I want promo" in forum topic and we will contact you.
[Image: 3_eng.png]

Different organization from all over the world use King Servers for 8 years.

Based on ultra-reliable hardware from leading component manufacturers, CyberStore storage servers are ideal for unified storage and with a massive selection of customisation options available, this flexible solution can be configured for almost any and every storage application from a first small business storage server to high availability enterprise-class storage appliances with built-in failover.

[Image: c5528cb17df0.png]
  • SATA Drives

    Configure your CyberStore storage appliance with SATA hard drives for cold data where high IOPS are not as important as storage density/cost.
  • SAS Drives

    Much less likely to encounter read errors than SATA and bi-directional, configure your CyberStore storage server with a large range of SAS drive options for better performance.
  • SSD Drives

    For the ultimate read/write performance, the CyberStore range can be configured with a large range of SATA or SAS solid state drives.
More about storage servers - here.
[Image: 5_en.png]

King Servers affiliate program

Good opportunity of additional earnings with our affiliate program. Get 10% of all purchases and prolongations done by customers enrolled by you.

Your reward is able to be paid by any suitable way or used for our services purchase.

You can receive your referral link in your member area by by registering an account on King Servers.

  • Registration of multiaccounts with the purpose to get reward is forbidden. It means that you can not be a referral to yourself;
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is $20.
[Image: 6_en.png]

Service King Servers greets forum users and informs:

We remind that any forum user can get 10% promotion for any service of King Servers!

To get promocode you just need to reply message "I want promo" in topic and our support will contact you.


  • Experienced supporting personnel
  • 24x7x365 access to tier 3
  • 100% controlled decisions for SuperMicro servers
  • Monitoring of all servers 24/7
  • Several basic providers
  • 99.9% uptime
[Image: 7_en.png]

King Servers wishes forum users a good day and informs about new promotion:

Now, after a transition to our service, you can get second month of any our service FOR FREE! You just need to contact our support on site.

List of services King Servers with promotion:
  • Virtual hosting;
  • VPS/VDS hosting;
  • Dedicated servers;
  • Anti-DDos protection;
  • Data storage.

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