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We're still here!
PacketPunks was a collaborative project that I had started with a small group of friends at the end of 2014, unfortunately we ran some numbers and did some analytical work on the project, it proved to be a waste of our time as the "hacking" niche was hard to break into.. 

The bad news

We abandoned the project for months and let PP become a wasteland, whatever active users we had, left us. 

The good news

We're active on PacketPunks, our main developer chose to remain anonymous for his personal security and due to the nature of the project, he's definitely active nearly daily and we've conducted many tests on the MyBB engine and infrastructure over the past months as well as some custom plugins for the new MyBB . Our primary focus was optimizing PacketPunks in terms of SEO, which we have been working on while most thought the site was "dead" 

PacketPunks is very much alive, with an average of around 300~ organic hits a day. 

I too have been extremely busy outside of my web entrepreneur projects. 

We hope that maybe, sometime next year we can bring the site back to life and create an unbiased, peaceful and secure forum for free-speech hacking to take place. 

Thank you.
Do NOT PM me for any inquiries related to advertising on PacketPunks. 

For our change log, CLICK HERE.
For our help docs, CLICK HERE.
Woot woot (.3.)
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments

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