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[REAL] Win a Thermaltake keyboard!

Prize: TteSports by Thermaltake Challenger Gaming Keyboard
Value: $119.00

How to win?

1. Reefer 10 of your friends to PP.
2. Each member must be active for at least 1 week, must not be fake. (note: IP will be checked, socks will not protect you, cheating will get you permanently banned.)
3. Must be 10 members.
4. First person to PM, and to be verified that all 10 members are legitimate will win the keyboard.
5. No bullshit, no shipping charges, no additional fees. You play by the rules, you get the keyboard. Simple.

Get referrin'

NOTE: People PMi'ng me asking regarding shipping. Shipping is FREE. Shipping to all countries except middle-east as it's disallowed to ship packages there at the moment, sorry!
Do NOT PM me for any inquiries related to advertising on PacketPunks. 

For our change log, CLICK HERE.
For our help docs, CLICK HERE.
no matter who wins I congratulate
Heh, this is a pretty nice contest. Sadly I don't have even close to 10 friends I could coerce to join but good luck to whoever enters this.

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