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Pretty Boot v1 Source
A list containing most of the features:
Full-fledged user system, easy to manage
News system, supporting BBCode
Full PayPal integration, fill in your PayPal e-mail and you're ready to go!
Advanced API server support, any server with any parameters possible!
Advanced stresser page (read Github for more info)
Blacklisting of IP's and Skype's, you can even sell blacklisting!
Customise the stresser on the back-end as Admin
Manage your sales and see your profits
User-friendly support system
Sleak design that is also easy to customise
Built with AJAX technology to enhance user experience
Built upon one of the best PHP frameworks, Laravel 3.2

[Image: 3YuiH.jpg]
[Image: 3Yukr.jpg]
[Image: 3Yul0.jpg]

Excellent share man! Great.
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Now this is a really nice share OP many people love this source.
lelelelellelelel thanks :lub: AngelAngel
This looks great! Wow, great share man!
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments
Excellent share man! Thanks for this

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