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Make your Skype IP Unresolvable
Here is the method to remain 100% anonymous on Skype by hiding your IP.

1) Go to
2) Find fast proxy and port.
3) Paste it in
4) Save to Disk
5) Right Click it and select 'Merge'.
6) Done it!
Thanks for the share.

The new skype update nuked P2P communications and skype IP's are no longer resolvable.
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I am not sure if this is really going to help you all the time. Some people forget to turn there shit on but OP good share.
Good tip, OP. Its gonna help some beginners lol
[Image: 2mwp4dd.jpg]
Good method however I believe my method is better and easier xD
I knew this one already, and got it also for my skype.
Thanks for sharing it with the community though.
It's good for the beginners.
Man all in honest I would just use either PacketPunks VPN as I am sure Logs are not kept and you will always have your ip hidden if you know what you are doing.

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