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[TUT] How to crack Steam, Brazzers, RealityKings, ShareCash, Megaupload With Apex Re
I've found this tutorial and want to share with you guys .
Some helpfull tutorials if you get stucked :

[TUT] Get fresh proxy anytime free [TUT]
[TUT] How to make WordList/ComboList (The Easyest Way)[TUT]

Credits go to SupeRKumI

We are going to use a tool developed by Buddha named Apex.

So the principle is pretty much the same:
Load a user list, pass list, proxy and crack it.

So we will begin by downloading apex


After extracting open it up:-
[Image: bqvzymyvwspcokpe.jpg]

1) Load a good userlist.

2) Load a pass list or you can use the "Same pass as user", which will try to crack with the same username. For example, "provirus = provirus"

3) Load a good proxy list.

4) Now goto cracking settings and select the site you want to crack. For example i have selected rapidshare and it gives me a message box saying that i have to use proxy inorder to crack them.
[Image: 11111xixgapj.jpg]

5) Now goto user pass options and keep the below settings.
[Image: 22222.jpg]

6) Now click on start cracking.

7) Goto proxy list and click "Send" on the valid proxy list after checking all the proxies.

8) Keep it minimuzed and you will see lots of cracked accounts.

9) Use a checked to scan the details of the account.

You have lots of sites pre-configured by me with this package.

The below sites can be cracked with Apex:-

[*]Deposit Files
[*]Sky Sports Forums

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