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Most common problems and solutions for dark comet RAT
Ok guys as many people having problems with dc I desided to write this guide for u all.I will only address most common problems u will have after making ur server.So if u dnt know how to set up dc please follow some tutorials about how to set up dc first Smile

When u first use dc I strongly recomend u to get dc 3.2 which is known to be best stable release so far.Get it,make ur server and make sure u do the following processes correctly.Also I assume that U have crypted ur server FUD before u spread it.So lets see which problem can occur after u doing all above and going for spread.

1.U must port forward correctly

When ur dc builder and noip is correctly setup and running,and dc is configured to listen to a port(socket list->add port to listen) ,go to, put ur port and see wheter it says "Success: I can see your service on ***".

if u didnt get any sucess message then try disbling ur windows/antivirus firewall.if even this didnt work then it is better to ask somone to port forward for u.

2.Ur password of the server must be same as the password of ur client

general settings-->dafult pw must be same as main setings-->security pw.

Well in some dc distributions there is bug in pw encryption.So my recommndation is not to use any pw when making the server.

Above are the main steps that must follow.Lets see general problems u will have even u folow the above steps correctly.

3. When u test ur connction it says /LAN was successfully connected,but ** was not successfully connected.

[Image: 25qg0np.jpg]

Well if u have done the "1" step correctly just ignore this and continue spreading as this is a bug of dc.Alternativly u can use a vpnto skip this problem an get all 3 buttons green.

4. When u spread the server,connctions show up in socket list only, but not in connection list.

This is another bug of dc.For over coming this dnt use any pw for ur server.If even that didnt work use dc 3.2.

5. Slaves are missing after a day or when they restart their pc.

U must enable either the start up option in ur crypter while crypting or module start up option in dc.

6. When i try with my self my rat not working.

This can be happen bcz of ur passwords are not identical.Or use a vpn and try again.

7.Slaves are not showing up anymore.

probably ur crypter has become detected.and ur server is cought by av.update ur server with a FUD server.

8. How to update the server on slaves?

To do this in the bottom tab go to On Connect-> command (Update Server) -> Add and Configure the Task -> Give any name -> Enter the direct link of your server.

9. How to give other ur slaves?

To do this in the bottom tab go to Connections->select ur slaves and right click->Extra broadcast commands->mass download->Enter the other server direct link which u wanna spread.

10.Best free crypters for dc

0 crypter according to me.

11.Which port is best for dc?

Deafult port is the best and
dnt ever use port 80
as it is not always open for incomming connctions.

12.Dc only works in windows xp?

Dc is working in win 7 and vista as well,but u need to configure it correctly.mainly to overcome this use a crypter which has uac bypass feature/change instaltion directry to appdata/don't inject to winlogon.

So I think this guide will help u alot.I hope to update it when people will have more other problems.If ur problem is somthing else or u do everything but still cant figure it out feel free to put here. Also if u have some other solution,all ur solutions are also welcome Smile

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Ratting is for skids and this should be in the beginner section.

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