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Sharing 11 methods to find XXX passwords
there u a few way to obtain xxx password use way2 to search for password it the best recommended one
not only you can search list of password from google but you can find lot of xxx password site too
if you fail to find working one using way2 then use way1 set up a google alert so you might be the first
few person who get the latest updat password that listed on google i get a brazzers working password
sent to my gmail just by using way1

way1(everyone should know this as this was taken from pornbb sticky)
With this tutorial you'll learn how to obtain porno password via Google Alert!!

Thing needed:
Gmail Account

1. Go to Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content it might ask you to sign in, do so with your gmail info.

2. Where it says "Create a Google Alert", under "Search terms" type something like Under "Type" choose "News and Web". As "How Often" choose as it happens and click create alert.

3. You're done, as soon as a link is released publicaly or posted on a website it should send you the alert.

4.Patience, an e-mail will arrive......... (it's random,I posted alarm towards 5:00 pm to receive a e-mail towards 2:54am)

5.example of what you can receive (in French, with "")

or just search from google just add a
*:*@ in front the site link u want to search

change to

use the option at google site choose 24 hour or past week to find the latest pass

hack urself which are more harder

u may have heard accessdiver b4 here is the guide on how to use it


there r still alot of way to hack which i dun know !

trade your password with other,you will be able to get a good quality site by trading i get a few rk password by trading last time ,but pls dont trade password here as it not allowed

way5(this is more on how to find site that give xxx password)
search on google for toplist or directory for xxx paassword
search on for xxx password blog

this i not too clear if anyone have more info might want to share
with us,i heard mIRC is the best place to request for password
but you need to know the way and the channel

way7(this my own trick)
sign up as a affiliate webmaster of that pornsite most pornsite will
have affiliate system to look for webmaster to promote their site by
throwing commission and alot of site will provide a few picture or video
for you to use to promote their site especially those picture site
so you can download and use as your own enjoyment and more over use up
as a affiliate is free ,just try to look around mostly ''affiliate''
sign up page will be at the bottom page

i notice


can also search for paswordword and it more easy than way2
w/o the *:*@ trick and you may just eneter the site name w/o the member entry url
example instead of

but if you really like the site i will recommend buy their membership to support you fav site
if you have any trick or tip can share with us here too,if you like this small
guide pls say thank

way9-this tutorial will recommend by SpirosX to add to my list thank alot to him
see this video on how to download from vivid using IDM or orbit online stream download manager
see the video link at


and here method two which 100% work for any website but might be abit idotic method to somebody ,as some site is protected from online stream download by using orbit
-just look for any version of cam recorder ,i will recommend using Camtasia Studio for high quality video
-adjust the screen window you wish to record and play the video as u must play and record at the sametime so i will recommend just record the small part which you most wanted
-leave your computer open playing the video and stop and save the video
here a example how it look like

this is call google wildcard which i find out recently

they seem like a password search engine
from google

this was not really sure is it a good site for searching porn password
but it sure is quite popualar

so far have not yet find any working password
there but someone might be interested to try they
I am not sure if this is realy but I might PM you about this Smile
(03-18-2014, 08:54 AM)Anonymous-Force Wrote: I am not sure if this is realy but I might PM you about this Smile

I would like to inform you that you misspelled really. You put 'realy'.

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