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FACEBOOK HACK : Hacking Facebook Accounts password in ONLY 5 STEPS (NO DOWNLOADS!)
Hello BM in this tutorial i will be showing you how to hack Facebook accounts in ONLY 5 steps . This is 100% my TUT and "SOME" pictures are not mine . LEGGO !


First thing you need to go to Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More and hit on forgot password .
[Image: fKnSji.png]

And than you will be linked to this page .



Than you need to enter the email of the victim or there FB profile.From there you will need to click "Search" and it will show you the profile of the victim . Hit " This is my account " .


You will than be redirected to this page, click "No longer have access" .


You will than be asked to enter you email where they will send you info about recovering the account your trying to hack. (Put your normal email and than click Submit)



Facebook will than ask you to enter 3 security answers . No worries just put random answers in 3 times .

and than you will be moved to this page :

From there you will be asked to choose 3 trusted friends. I would suggest making 3 fake accounts and adding the person because when you choose the 3 trusted friends a code will be sent to each one needed to recover the account. When you have 3 accounts added on the victims facebook account and you choose them your accounts will receive a code ! Log on each account and place the three codes where Facebook will link you to a page that you need to fill the three codes . After you successfully do that you will receive an FACEBOOK RESET password to the EMAIL you put in to get recovery information . Change the password, Log on and HAVE FUN.
Really H.Q post, thanks!
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That's very usefull,thanks for the info.I will try it for sure Smile
Can you remake you theard with picture ?
Thanks for the post. I will make it useful.
i can't hack with this steps... could u hack my frnd account n give password for me.... (this is her facebook url)
id : swapnaindu.darling

please help's urgent

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