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[Request] IRC botnet source.
Hello, im in need of IRC botnet source, most likely with DDoS commands
If you have any, and could share it, it would be highly appreciated Smile
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
I do however you would have to pay.
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Nevermind, i already got this. But its a interesting offer though, what makes your script better than free ones? Tongue
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
What source did you get? There's quite a lot of free ones out there that are really effective. Have you looked into P2P IRC ones?
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Im using pitbull, also got kaiten

but in pitbull, i loaded 1 bot yesterday, and when i went back to my IRC today, the bot was gone, so i think im moving to kaiten
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]

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