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What do you think of my Graphics?
Here are some of the graphics I have made over that last month,if you have any tips for me I would love to know. So tell me what you guys think.
[Image: yRcod8S.gif]
[Image: 6Qcen5l.gif]
I don't really know why there is a white outline type thing on it, so yeah that's a thing.
[Image: 04YB0dD.gif]
[Image: oAUJsxn.gif]
[Image: xAYkTMJ.gif]
[Image: LVkZrCY.gif]
[Image: MXazaz3.jpg]
[Image: WGYv6Yo.jpg]
[Image: NyBNwtl.jpg]
[Image: tBDrfrq.jpg]
[Image: CIc6cOE.gif]
[Image: TJNIvM6.gif]
[Image: 5moK6Rv.gif]
[Image: LkYbfGf.gif]
[Image: SfmpbBX.gif]
[Image: K4yze9P.gif]

If you guys enjoy my work and would want one just Pm me and we can talk about it.
[Image: ZI05rKA.gif]
I think its the best mate Smile Keep it up.
Looks really good buddy!
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They look excellent, keep up the good work mate.
Think You Can Make Me One? I want it to be my Username.
[Image: 05b9656a14b10e7a04ac05bc84a36631.png]
Awesome work, the white stuff around the second signature may be an incorrectly rendered shadow or what not. Looks really nice though!
[Image: 2mwp4dd.jpg]
Look cool! I might request a graphix Smile

Best regards,
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments
not bad at all!
keep up the good work
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
Very professional designs! If I were in need of a signature, you'd be the first on my list :)
Man I almost Jizzed all over my self from looking at the girl one keep up the good work

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