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Everything You need to know about GTA V
GTA V is the latest in the Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar. In particular Rockstar North. The singleplayer revolves around three major protagonists. These are, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. The singleplayer is the most explosive out of all the GTA games to date, with daring heists and action filled missions. GTA V also has another mode known as GTA Online, a brand new edition to the Grand Theft Auto mix that allows users to have their own character. They can level these characters up, develop skills for them as well as purchase properties and other luxuries.

Here is some general information on GTA V.
Developed By Rockstar North
Published By Rockstar Games
Built On A Modified RAGE Engine
Current Platforms Are Xbox 360 And PS3

Michael is a middle-age man, suffering from living a non-fulfilling life. He's failing as a father too. He is the oldest of the three characters. He's tactical and an excellent marksman. His special ability is bullet time, this allows him to slow down time and easily pick people off with a clean headshot.

Trevor, a Canadian psychopath likes to think to himself as a businessman. He lives his life intimidating a lot of the people he calls friends. He lives out in Sandyshores, because as Michael said he's "A hipster". Trevor's special ability is to go into a fury state where he takes no damage and instead deals double the normal amount.

Franklin, a gang member from Los Santos is the youngest of the group and dreams of becoming a full time gangster and not some street thug. He constantly complains to his friend Lamar that they need bigger scores. His special ability is to slow down time while in a vehicle and use precise steering.

There will be spoilers here, only read if you don't mind.

The game opens with three characters robbing a bank in a small town called North Yankton. These characters are Michael, Trevor and Brad. The job is going relatively well up until a guard rips Michael's mask from him as he leaves the vault. It's at this point the crew begin to make an escape. While escaping the team crash and are forced to run. Brad takes a fatal shot from oncoming police fire and is left bleeding out. Michael also takes a shot to the should and the mission ends with Trevor running frantically through the mist.

It's then revealed that Michael is in fact still alive and has faked his death, thanks to some help from some FIB (Yes, that's the correct spelling) agents. The game then cunts ahead nine years to present day Los Santos, a city modelled heavily of Los Angeles.

The game then goes through the process of introducing a new character, Franklin who's current job involves repossessing cars.

The two characters, Michael and Franklin, then meet after Franklin repossess Michael's son's car. Keeping up? The two then talk and eventually become friends.

It's now Michael discovers his wife cheating on him with her Tennis coach. In a rage fuelled state Michael rips down a house from the Vinewood hills. This house belongs to a big time crime lord called Martin Madrazo. Martin demands repayment for the house and it's now the story really begins.

Michael and Franklin now plan to rob a large jewellery store, this is the first heist. They have assistance from an old friend of Michael's, Lester. After the first heist goes well, it makes the news.

After hearing a familiar line, Trevor works out that his friend Michael is in fact alive and well living in Los Santos. It's now that he heads and reunites with Michael.

Trevor begins to act erratic and with Franklin tied up helping his friend Lamar, it's not for a while the next heist occurs.

The crew is then forced to rob a bank for a set of corrupt FIB agents that are blackmailing Michael with his past. This continues for the rest of the story.

The blackmailing stops when during another heist mission, Michael destroys the evidence on him, hence severing him from the FIB agents.

After discovering that Brad is not alive and Michael faked his death, Trevor goes insane and leaves Michael for dead in North Yankton.

It's now once the crew reunites that the final job is on. The team plans to raid the Union Depository. A highly secure building with millions of dollars worth of gold inside.

After the heist is successful, the FIB agents give Franklin a choice and this is where a lot of complaints about the game start. The player must choose from three options, kill Michael, kill Trevor or deathwish where the player must help all three survive. This wasn't made clear and a lot of people regret their decision to kill of a key character.

There are several major heists in GTA V. These range from robbing a bank to, robbing a submarine.

Heist List:
The Prologue
The Jewel Store
The Merryweather Heist
Blitz Play
The Paleto Score
The Bureau Raid
The Big Score

The Prologue sees the player robbing a small bank in North Yankton right at the beginning of the game. It's unknown how the player starts the heist but a bomb is used to blast open the vault and then a Rancher is used to escape from the police. This heist ends badly with one death.

The Jewel Store is the first heist the player gets to plan and lets the player rob a jewellery store either sneakily or all guns blazing. This heist consists of only Franklin and Michael as Trevor has yet to be introduced.
The job is successful and the crew get their cut with no fatalities.

The Merryweather Heist is the first heist planned by Trevor. The user has to steal a submarine to track and steal a submerged superweapon. You then use a Cargobob to take it back to the airfield. It's then revealed that it's a superweapon and Lester incests on putting it back, so you receive no reward from this heist.

Blitz Play is a small heist where the aim is to steal some funding from an armoured car. The heist is primarily set up by the FIB agents. This is probably the easiest heist as it just involves defending a point and then making a swift getaway.

The Paleto Score is probably one of the most enjoyable heists. The crew has to rob a bank this time, using miniguns and bomb refusal suits. The crew goes on a huge rampage, completely trashing Paleto bay and take back a huge amount of cash. There is also a reference to Niko from GTA IV in this heist.

The Bureau Raid is a huge attack on a skyscraper and involves explosions and hacking a terminal to delete evidence. The cut is next to none for this but it is the severing point in the story of the FIB agents and Michael. It's after this mission the FIB agents tell Franklin to kill Michael.

The Big Score is the final score and is a huge undertaking. Pulling this off nets each of the character $16,000,000. There is a getaway scene heavily inspired by Fast 5 in this too. This is the final mission before you have to make the choice of which character to kill, if any.

Side Activities
GTA V offers a wide selection of side activities for the player to enjoy while they're not playing the main missions.

Here's a list of all the side activities.
Flight School
Bail Bonds
Arms Trafficking
Taxi Rides
Property Management
Hanging Out With Friends
Strip Club
Robbing Stores

As you can see there's literally hundreds of hours of fun to be had on GTA V.

GTA V offers an incredible assortment of weapons for the player to use to destroy the world of San Andreas, each customizable from attachments to colour scheme. Please note that the collectors edition weapons, the hammer, bull-pup shotgun and .50 Cal pistol are not listed here as I couldn't find a graph.

Due to the sheer number of vehicles it's impossible to post a link to each one and talk about it so I will pick a few key ones out.

Here is a full list of vehicles. Here are some special ones are

Elegy RH8 by Annis
Khamelion by Hijak
Carbon RS by Nagasaki

One day you'll be robbing stores for petty cash and the next you'll be in apartments, have super cars and be stealing huge military planes.

It really is an amazing experience and, although it had an extremely rocky start, a truly unique gamemode.

There are multiple glitches, hacks and mods on GTA Online at the moment. Some consider the Online to be broken right now as the economy is completely messed up after almost every lobby was modded and users could give billions of dollars to one-another.

Online also features the Creator tool. This powerful tool allows users to create their own jobs. Be it races, missions, team deathmatches, what ever. It's completely customizable in the Creator tool.

There are plans to add heists to GTA Online but it may be several months until they're added but I will try update this with news every week.

Useful Links/News Sites - Rockstar Official Game Site - GTA Trophy And Achievement List - Social Club (Sign Up Here!) - Great YouTube For GTA News!
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