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Japan here "^_^
My name is Japan, and I am a anime freak. I love all things Anime and Japanese as you can probably tell and I was recently upgraded. Not a bad forum though. Looks pretty good I must say.
Welcome to the forum! We have an anime section over in the Community section.
[Image: 2mwp4dd.jpg]
Welcome to PacketPunks, I absolutely love anime too... We have alot in common already.
I love it occasionally. Smile

Oh shit! almost forget, Welcome to the community Japan!
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Welcome to the forum Japan
and we hope you enjoy your stay,

and contribute aswell Big Grin
Knowledge is Power 龙
[Image: 2zss9s6.png]
Welcome to PP! Hope to see you around the forums!

Best regards,
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments

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