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Do you think COD is going downhill?
I have been a fan of Call Of Duty since COD 4, and ever since either Black Ops 1 or Modern Warfare 3 it has been going downhill (In my opinion). Call Of Duty Ghosts wasn't the best Call Of Duty, but it did sell a lot of copies. In your own opinion do you think Call of Duty, will get better or do you think it will just keep going downhill. Also do you think they are just going to stop at Ghost(Not Likely)?
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Nope. Ghost was the coffin being lowered into the grave. Probably sales are going to be decreased in the future.
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I think eventually overtime they will get alot better..... But for now i think they are going downhill.
Honestly...I think C.o.d's gonna be done for within 2 years It might get 1 or 2 more releases I don't think any more than that
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Yep, def gone downhill lately imho.
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Yea, just like with most games, people play for a while, then get bored of the content.

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Without some type of new gameplay concept I feel like they're going to just have to end the series. With games like Titanfall coming out, I'd find it hard to believe people will still buy the COD's. They keep putting out the same old concepts just with some new graphics and servers, and maybe a few new perks thrown in there. In my opinion, call of duty 4 was really the only new and innovative game with the features they introduced. It really revolutionized the shooter industry, but after that it was just copy after copy of repeated content to milk more money out of the series.
I believe that once they realise their old formula has ceased to work, they will be forced to innovate and create a new and improved CoD game. But until sales show that CoD has become completely non-profitable, they won't do anything new.

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