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Circle - Recruitment
[Image: 9fiRHYG.png]

Cirlce is a group focused on providing paid or "free" quality feedbacks and reviews of a product or content , the group doesn't strive for popularity or prestige but dedicates its time to help the members of this community.

NOTE* I'm starting up this thread to see how many people would be interested in joining this particular activity, this involves doing reviews of products, books, websites and etc.

If you're interested, Post below on why you want to join this group and how you can help the group to maintain its essence.

And If this group goes well in its activity, I will update the banner and make a new Userbar for the group.

I would like to join, of course if you can join multiple groups.

I know lots about English grammar, computer hardware, Java, HTML, some PHP...

Best regards,
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments
I woulnd't mind joining to help do some reviews and etc. The reason I would like to join would be helping and learning.
I would love to join the group since, I'm really active and have no problem giving my honest opinion about something. I think this will definitely will be a great group for me.

Best Regards,

[Image: nsa2.gif]

If you need help with anything, don't hesitate on contacting me.

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