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Mark And Cindy Hill, Powerball Winners, Claim Share Of Jackpot
DEARBORN, Mo. -- Cindy Hill, a laid-off office manager who lives in a small town in Missouri, called her husband Thursday with urgent news that would change everything: "We won the lottery."

"What?" he asked.

"We won the lottery," she repeated. But Mark Hill, a 52-year-old mechanic who works at a meat processing plant, is the kind of person who carefully the checks prices for everything he buys, and he needed proof. This is the "Show-Me State" after all.

He drove to his mother's house, where his wife was waiting with their quick-pick ticket, and confirmed for himself that the numbers matched those drawn for a record $588 million Powerball jackpot that they'll share with an unknown winner who bought a ticket in Arizona.

The oversized novelty check handed to the Hills on Friday was written in the amount of $293,750,000, but Missouri Lottery spokeswoman Susan Goedde said that after taxes, they will receive about $136.5 million.

------This is fucking bullshit.
I never win shit.
I don't even get free giftcards online. Im envious.
Damn taxes. Only $130 million...
You know Smiley, if you actually uploaded my RAT to your slaves, your Karma would be high af and you would win.

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