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How Many Views Does your Pastebin Have?
totally not a competition Wink
just post your pastebin totals.
to see this click: my pastebin, then it is at the top under the header.

my pastebin has:
[Image: dcd6855991057aba0929.png]

get to posting yours!
even if you have 0 like smiley... wait whut did i say? Wink

Dafuq pot pie lol
Why are you so popular on these sites?
(No offence though, not many people really keep track of their PasteBin account. Tongue)
i don't know, im just good at what i do(not being cocky) and im a pretty nice person unless you are being a fucktard lol.
0 like smiley huh?... >.>

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