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New Standard: 35 characters to post
So I've been seeing a lot of very low-quality posts consisting of just one or two words. So I upped the minimum message length to 35 characters.

This will help limit the amount of spam posts we get from legit members, and limit it to only quality, on-topic messages. If you are found to be violating this rule in any way, it will be an immediate warning which will last for 1 week and consist of 20%.


-Fixered a grammar mistake. Big Grin
*Warns Heis for not saying "Killer is awesome"

Just kidding.

But yeah, thank you for this. =D
Nice To See 35 Letters Back Again Smile
Great idea, this will def reduce the spam due to the 35 Posts = FREE GOLD.
I am hoping to reduce spam with this, as always, report violating posts.
what i really hate is the spam bots -_-
they are useless xD
Also tell people not to make posts that are two letters, but have BBCodes...
Kinda a lot and kinda not if you think of it.
(12-11-2012, 12:07 AM)n00bs Wrote: Kinda a lot and kinda not if you think of it.

35 characters is not that much, especially if you have an actual opinion on the topic.
I got it know man. I was warned for this, lol. Didn't see it.

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