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What up. *READ*
This is to whoever is trying to fuck with my forum:

I could in all honesty not care less. Why do I not care, you ask? Well there are 3 simple reasons for that....

- You pose no real threat
That's right, I said it. You pose no eminent threat or danger to anything I own or operate, including this forum and server. Granted, you are kinda annoying me, since I come home from an 8 hour work day only to find my SQL tables have crashed, but still it's not any danger to the site. You are forgetting that you really don't know what you're doing...

- Your actions will wear off
Again, something I know about you that you do not. I deal with kids like you all the time and if there's one thing I know for sure it is that you will get bored and go whack it to some naked 34 year-old woman on youtube soon enough. Trust me, most "hackers" (like yourself) have the attention span of an unborn fetus. Possibly less.

- You really, truly, do not scare me
Bring the threats. Bring the anger. Bring the hate. I'll take it all day, and all you'll have in the end is some screenshots of my cloudflare page saying the site is temporarily offline. Go ahead, contact me in any way you would like, because I am not under any circumstances going to give in to anything anyone tries to do or say to me. At all.

Notice: This is NOT to the real members of HN. This is to whoever is messing with HN.

I will leave you with this:

Many have tried, and all have failed. Unless I up and drop this site to the ground, it's gonna stay up. Need I say this again, but Heis don't lose.

i vouch for heis.
and @heis the kid is like 11, his excuse for bad grammar was that english wasn't his 1st language.
also, he didn't stay on long enough for me to get home and set up :3
Aaahahahah yoo heis, show these kids yoo
Well that's one giant blow to somebody's ego...

Unless he wanted this reaction...

Then you fed a troll.
Fucking adorable.
Lol That was my siggy once.
"Heis don't lose."
Good attitude, skiddies stay AWAY. Honestly though, if we can get an IP or something, or an idea on who it is maybe we can help Wink!

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