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Hi im Taco
Hello im Taco. Im pretty old to the modding scene. Just found out about this site and it look's pretty active and cool. I have a Jasper JTAG and host quite frequently. I also own a booter/stresser because DDoS is one of my main expertise. My site is but anyway, yeah my goal is to get 35 posts by tonight to get GOLD Big Grin. Hope i enjoy my stay!
Welcome to HN! Hope you stay active, and enjoy it here. You should open a thread to sell your booter, if that's what you're interested in!
Hey taco I hope u have a great time on HN

Welcome and hope to see u around the website
Wassup Taco.
I hope you enjoy the site. Smile
Welcome Taco If You Need Graphics Let Me Know

Also ask me if u need any gfx tube background or avatars
You don't have a jasper jtag, you said on xbox you sold it.
(12-09-2012, 08:50 AM)RyansJTAG Wrote: You don't have a jasper jtag, you said on xbox you sold it.

I know. But im ordering another tommorow so i just put it there in advance.
Welcome to Hackersnation <3
I'm Smiley, feel free to ask any questions !

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