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[RELEASE] GuTu's Mw2 DLL decrypter! With Tutorial! [RELEASE]
How to Decrypt Mw2 dll's with GuTu's .dll Decrypter.

Step 1: If you haveny already extract the contents of this Rar into a Folder.

Step 2. Drag in the DLL you want to edit and rename it to ihc.dll

Step 3. Open Decrypt. Wait a few seconds then close it.

Step 4. You should have a new file called ihc_Decrypted.dll in the folder. Open up HxD or whatever hex editor you use and drag it in.
scroll down and look for text you want to edit. Once finished save, and then open Encrypt.

Step 5. Rename ihc.dll back to the original name and it is now finished ! Smile

Enjoy - Taco

Credits go to GuTu for giving me his files.


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