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[TUT] How To Make A VPS Booter [TUT]
Written Tutorial.


Virtual Box STEPS
1. Download Virtualbox from ||
2. Run the wizard and get the files within.
3.Open Virtual Box.
4.Click new.
5.It will open up a Wizard including the steps , click next
6.Type what you want the name to be for your PUTTY
7.Choose the OS as Linux and the Version as Ubuntu , click next.
8.Now enter the ram you want im doing 2048mb , click next.
9.Have the box checked saying start up disk.
10.have create new hard disk checked then click next.
11.Choose VHD this is a Virtual Hard disk. Click Next.
12.Have dynamically allocated selected. Click next
13.Now you have to select your overall size for your putty im doing 8 GB
14.Now create your PUTTY.
15.Now click on your putty and go to options.
16.Mess around with the settings to your preferred im going to teach you about network. network settings. Enable network adapter.
18.choose your attached to option to Briged Adapter.
19.go to your network setting on your computer go to change adapter and bridge your local connection with the Local Virtual Network.
20.This will create Mac Bridge Miniport.
21.Choose Macbridge on your Putty settings.
22.Go to Advanced options.
23.Then were it says Promiscucuous mode change to ALLOW ALL.
24.Click cable connected.
25. Your done with settings Woo.

IN Virtual Box
26.Now start your PUTTY.
27.An option will come up saying Auto Capture just click yes.
28.It will say first RUN click next.
29. You know will need to download linux Ubuntu.
30. DL
31.When that is done select the folder with the green arrow this will allow you to use a ISO without disk usb.
32. Run through the Installation PROGRESS.
33.When you login you will see a Black program on the top left of your screen click it.
34.Type in Terminal.
35.Open terminal.
36.We our first going to need to change out Group to ROOT.
Type in sudo -i.
37.Type in your password.
38.You now will see root before your name.
39.Type sudo apt-get install openssh-client
it will run throught this big file.
40.Accept it by pushing [Y]
41. When that is done you need to find your IP.
42.Type ifconfig
you will see your ip it will be next to eth1 on top and inet adrr.
43.write that down on a piece of paper or note pad.
44.You have ssh'd correctly. One more command.
45.type netstat -tulpn to get your port. will be the one with only 2 #'s

47.Open winscp. DL
48.type in your ip and the username will be the login for your PUTTY
49.Same as password.
50.Type in the Port you found.
51.Download Xtreme Script DL
52.Extract the Folder Xtreme out of Winrar.
53.Drag the folder winrar to the right side of winscp
54.Right Click and change properties/permission.
55.make the # 777
56.Open that folder in winscp and select all files and set permision to 777
57.Save your session.

[SPOILER]58.Open the Program Putty. DL
59.Do the same before type in IP.
60.Type in your username.
61.Type in your password , wait for to load up.
62.type in this command "cd Xtreme"
63.It will change to Xtreme after your name.
64.Type this command. "./Menu"



Same exact thing... But lacking the formatting.

Also, the [SPOILER]58. is the same unclosed tag.

I'm not saying you're plagiarizing... But... It looks like it.
Looks Copy and Pasted... and this is rather old... Not many people use VPS Booters anymore.. they use Dedicated servers linked with SSH2 to web booters.
Lool found this EXACT thing on TTG...
Wont let me post the link though.
This is a very nice put together Tutorial.
Good Post Just Next Time Post Link To The Original Post If It Does Not Belong To You.

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