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Looking for ideas to spread my RAT.
Hi everyone!
As some of you know, I do a LOT of account dumps.
I'm starting to run out of accounts to dump!
I need some fresh ideas and methods to spread my rat. (Pretty much a program that steals passwords.)

-Some things to know that could help-
The file is fully undetectable from any antivirus.

I can change the name of the file to it appears to have a new extension. (For example, I could change a file from virus.exe to virusexe.jpeg.

I wont rat my friends

So post away! I'm always looking for new ways to get passwords.
(More infections means more account dumps, guys!)
All I do is go on TTG & go "noob hunting" lol.

Find noobs, tell them alod of bullsh!t about it & tell them 2 add you on skype or aim & send them the everytime for me Wink
aol chatrooms and yt videos for "tools" Big Grin

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