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Rylie16's Dox
Most Recent IP Address ::

Name :: Austin Pape
Rylie16's Age :: 13 Years Old
Dads Name :: Mitchell J Pape
Dads Age :: 44 Years Old
Dads Birthday :: January 1968
Dads Email Address :: [email protected]
Moms Name :: Julie K Pape
Moms Age :: 44 Years Old
Moms Birthday :: March 1968
Moms Occupation :: Nurse
Phone Number :: (989) 799-9554
Current Address :: 4431 Bradford Drive
City & State & ZIP :: Saginaw, MI 48603
Property Value :: $76,950
Phone Carrier :: Nextel Communications, Inc.
Ethnicity :: Caucasian

House Information:
The Pape household has lived in Saginaw, Michigan, on 4431 Bradford Dr for 8 years.
Beds :: 3 bedrooms
Baths :: 2 baths
Sqft :: 1,710 sq ft
Lot Size :: 10,933 sq ft
Year Built :: 1965

Other information on his family...
Plays sports
Plays baseball
Enjoys the outdoors
Loves to travel
Likes music
Likes country music
Reads fiction books
Has children
Enjoys family activities
Cares about healthy living
Has a swimming pool
Researches investments
Enjoys home-study courses
Takes self-improvement courses
Is a Collector
Collects antiques
Is self-driven
Donates to causes
Donates to health causes
Buys from Internet

this was from me, the reason i did it is because he steals other peoples work and says its his own.
proof its mine, look on my pastebin.
Nice spokeo dox. Next time go for some CC's and SSN's and Vin numbers (:
Why is this guys Dox everywhere because it really is.
because noone likes him lol!
^^its true^^
lmfao, he payed se7ensins JTAG $30 to join Team-Geckos...he goes by the name "XeStorm" now...
i say kick him....
This is completely C&P from Spokeo. (:
(12-25-2012, 04:36 AM)๖ۣۜPot-Pie Wrote: ewwwwwwwwwwww......
i say kick him....

why? he pays us :cheesygrin: he is such a skid.
Thats awesome How you can just get that kind of Info bro, Could you tell me or teach me how i could be able to do that??

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