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2K point contest!
im feeling gracious because i got staff!

so, i am doing a 2K point contest!

find this image [Image: 0c29af.png]

and when you find it PM me with where it was, and you win.
there is only one winner, so whoever finds first wins...
(this contest does not include staff...)sowry... <3

EDIT: Geo has won after 4 tries xD LOL. good job.
I have been trying to look for it but I can't find it, do you think you could give a hint? Smile
i cant give hints. itll give it away too quickly
You got it from here?
and its the php logo and similar images can be found on there site.
nope. its on this site.

but yea it is the PHP logo Smile
Is it in here somewhere lol?
no no it is not Smile
you are looking too deep
I found it !! Its in help pages in Mycode( -.-
(12-20-2012, 06:12 PM)Geo Wrote: I found it !! Its in help pages in Mycode( -.-
finally xD

you win!

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