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Apocalypse Discussion!
regarding the so called myans calender ending the world is supposedly going to end tomorrow Dec 21 2012.

although i do not believe in this speculative rumor, there are the possibilities. so to reduce spam for tonight/tomorrow i am making this the ONLY thread to discuss the apocalypse on.

any users that create a thread after this about the apocalypse will be warned.

see you tomorrow!
Well It was already the 21st on the other side of the world for a while now and they all seem to be fine.
I'm sure you'll wake up okay tomorrow morning.
[Image: tumblr_lp5vqyDmXd1qfuohco1_400.jpg]
[Image: blog-rubes-4-10-08.jpg]
I will wait until Mario's dead, and then rape his dead body.

But on topic, the Mayans also rolled peoples heads down hills so it would rain...
Get my point?
Look on Nasa's twitter they said there is no threat against earth in 2012 and that earth is getting on fine.
now unstickied seeing as world is obviously destroyed. only people with no lives survive O_O

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