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Advertising layout...
just got this all together.... for anyone to use to advertise HN <3
Just copy/paste the stuff after the dashed line!

Great Design
Great Forum Style
Great Members
Great Staff
Best Variety of members
Grab-x coming back (IP Logger)
user-friendly UserCP
FREE VIP at 35 Posts!
Who We Are;
we are HackersNation, we have gone through many changes as of late, we were originally TAH4T (theres a hack for that) and we sold JTAG's for quite some time. after awhile the site got larger so we shut down for some changes. We Are Back! we bring the latest in plugin development and love to help our members in anyway we can.

we also have a wide variety of members, seeing as we are hackers, coders, designers, gamers, and just regular people!
we try to fulfill any and all requests by our members to make the site governed not only by the staff but by its prestigious members!

we have a strict policy about spam and keep our forums clean.

some features other sites do not have/may not have"
a shoutbox that runs MyCode(BB code) in it.

youtube videos on userprofiles!

top poster plugin that lets user compete for top 5 spots!

User Achievements

a lottery and points that will be used when we open shops



Latest Visitors plugin


custom userstyle for VIP+ members!

that is just the half of it!
if you really want to learn everything come and join!
we accept EVERYONE as their own, because we open our minds before our mouths!
Woah Nice advertising layout there Ark good job!
of course you would have to put [img] codes around each link, but thats pretty much all you gotta do.
Dude good thing you posted this because i'm fixing to make a page on my website that advtises

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