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HackersNation Minecraft Server! ~Coming Soon~
Hello Members of HN!

we, the staff are proud to announce our up-and-coming Minecraft server!
the IP will be Play.HackersNation

we have not released it yet, seeing as we are still working on it, but be prepared in the next few days(at most a week) for it to be released!

[Image: MCBanner_zpsf4770ba0.png]
  • Multi-World
  • Great Staff/Members
  • Hacked Clients ALLOWED(not forever!)

Why choose us?
well, first off you are a member on,so that is ONE of the MANY reasons why. but also we offer multi world games, and even factions and MCMMO Smile we plan on making this the best server you will ever play on!

Builders Needed!
currently the server is whitelisted, if you would like to help build please Post here, or PM me, or 0101101 about becoming a builder.

thanks! -Alex
Are we allowed to use TNT?
I want to use TNT.
Lol dark of course you wanna use TNT...
(12-22-2012, 06:59 PM)Heisenberg Wrote: Lol dark of course you wanna use TNT...
I want to build a launcher so I can fling the TNT into any tall structures.
Vip+ Members = Instant minecraft stats?

EDIT: I want to help build, but I'm not currently at home and I use a cracked client...
(12-22-2012, 04:59 PM)Ðark Wrote: Are we allowed to use TNT?
I want to use TNT.

Oh yes, Im going to give you 64 redstone torches, and a stack of tnt, let you have spawn permissions to build, and see what you can do. Smile
(12-22-2012, 09:19 PM)Killer2237 Wrote: inb4Darkasksforevenmorevip+stoof

Well, nobodies donating. Tongue
If you want to bitch about free stuff with me, either join Al Qaeda or donate $10.
*Does TNT duplication glitch to get 10 stacks and blows everybody up*

@Dark, I donate my time. I'm on nearly 7 hours every single day.
Yes i want some tnt and some flint & steel too please thnkz bye

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