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suited to busy people the invisible operation. Moscow health and fitness center one expert design a set of complementary fitness Methods. This method has no fixed time, Also have no reason to leave their jobs, Or even sit side by side of the colleague also won't perceive you are exercise. People think of it as the stealth gymnastics, The imperceptable gymnastics sitting and standing can be at work, driving, Queuing to buy things can be carried out, A total of 6 1 minutes per night.
segment first: session on the bench, Legs apart, Lift the toes and fingers, While forced shrinkage of the ankle, Calf and thigh your muscles within 1 minute, reiterate 30-40 memories.
of the second quarter: Sitting position, And rise heel, capable enhance effect, ought to put his hands on his knees pressure, And to increase the reaction of certain, 1 minute repition 30 to 40 times.
each third quarter: Alternate glutei muscle contraction and relaxation, explosiveness is alexandrine.
currently the fourth quarter: Inhale to an abdomen, And for seconds, 1 minute try 15 ~ 20 times.
spot 5: gradually force high, Make your shoulders back open, Withers try out curl, 1 minute perform 25 to 30 times.

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