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MW2 Recovery Service
Welcome HN i am doing a Mw2 Recovery Lobby
Status (OPEN)
Step 1 choose what you would like

[spoiler]Pick your Prestige (1-11)
Level 70
Legit Stats
Unlock All
Modded Classes[/spoiler]

Step 2 Contact me

-Add me on Skype (MOFO55) Or PM me
-Tell me what package you want
-When i confirm your Package then you can send me your Xbox live details

Step 3 Modding
-I Will Mod your account to the Package that you picked

Step 4 Recover Back
-When i have finished i will let you know
-Then recover back your account
-And Enjoy
You should post proof or a vouch from a trusted member. (AKA Staff. Tongue)
first off, this is not XboxMB LOL.
secondly, we have a service for this, so if you would like to join the team please contact staff members!

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