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Support Desk
I think there should be a support desk Page where people can ask questions in private and the support team can answer them then delete them.

Comment with your thoughts Smile
I somewhat support this, but only for questions relating for the site.
For example, you should really only ask about modding in the modding section.
But overall, I agree.
How irrelevant do you think our PM system is?
as heis said you can just PM a staff member, there is no use to make a whole new page when we already have something that works even better. Tongue
still a good idea, we just dont need it.
Solution: Make a support group. I don't think having a support system for universal matters would benefit the site. In fact, I would rather stay away from that. However, if you create a support group that runs independently, then you can do this. Problem solved. Kind of.
More than enough staff and active members willing to answer questions via pms. of course when the traffic is heavier, It'd be a great idea.
I'm willing to no-life at my computer answering PM'd questions. o.o

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