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Changing The Color Of The Rep Bars
So we all know those green bars that we obtain whenever we reach a certain amount of rep right?

Well on the old HN I suggest the exact same thing, and that was making the color of the bars change as you get more rep.

For example,

30 rep = [Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif]

70 rep = [Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif]

100 rep = [Image: rep_greenh.gif][Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif][Image: rep_green.gif]

and so on. Just a little something to spice everything up.

I had to cut down on the images, at 50 rep you would have 3 dark bars for rep.
no no no. should be rainbow bars at 100 or 200 xD
srsly doe good idea;
I really like this idea, I will probably work on it later today when I am back at my own house Tongue
Well I'm glad that both of you like it :p. I remember doing this on the old HN, and it gave everyone more incentive to try and gain rep with better posts.
Yes yes yes yes yes I <3'd the different colored bars !

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