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Hello I'm Deadcow__
Hello I'm deadcow__ according to the HN staff because they somehow traced my IP from a booter and I defiantly was the one who booted the site off of my shitty phone at a party (Samsung Intensity II).

Anyways, I'd like to say goodbye to the people I respected.

Heisenberg (Xeon): Never really got to meet you, but keep talking politics, it was quite interesting. Your XP lobbies were shit cause it was lagging 24/7.

01001101 (Mario): I heard you were like 14, I'm impressed at what you can do buddy. You hate me cause I piss you off? Oh, it wasn't even started yet.

Dark (Charlie): I have all your information and log ins. You trust me a lot and I respect you for that cause you got 0 log ins of mine. Keep being a good friend, just watch out for those friends that steal shit.

IonCuber: You're really good at Doxing, but you need to stop lying about stuff you can't do or I'll start calling you a Skid.

Killer2237: You're probably the most chill person on HN. I have nothing bad to say about you. You seem like a sober goodie goodie person as that one day when I was drunk/high at the same time you got pissed at me for using profanity in the shout box. Good staff member.

Ark (Pot Pie): You're ugly as fuck kid oh my fucking god. Jk jk <- Ark's most used words. Congrats on staff and try to lay off on the anime, I'm not trying to judge or be a dick or anything, but seriously. All the kids that watch anime in my school sit in the bathroom stalls to eat their lunch (beating off to anime ofc).

Smiley: It was fun on TinyChat, too bad those fucking queers wouldn't accept Dark and I in the chat. Fucking SaltedCracker69.

Dream: Thanks for the Avatars / YouTube background.

Team Gecko KYZA: You're a random and don't play Gamebattles cause you aint good. You think camping in Gamebattles will make you win, but truely it's whoever pushes up to a certain point first and plays smart.

Brandon XeX: No body will partner with your site because you got so many god damn spelling errors.

Draken: Never met you because you're so god damn inactive, but I heard you were like 12. You lie about having a booter and jtag, but it cracks us all up that's why we don't say you're lying.

AJS Online: You were active when I first joined, but you became inactive. You get pissed at the smallest shit like when Dark used Clownfish or what ever the fuck it's called.

Anyone missing? It's because you're a fagget.
No part of this thread made any sense. No part of your username made any sense (well, thanks to the very untrue "undoxable" part). Sorry that you think anything we did was unjust or not right, but you have to understand that we are looking out for the benefit of HackersNation. I don't know what you think you're accomplishing by this thread, but it isn't much. Goodbye Cakes.
I was only backing up pie on the racism comment. I wasn't saying you can't swear because I fucking do that all the time... But it was the racism that I disliked.

anyways, bye man. o.o
we all cuss all the time. im racist sometimes but its all jokes and i dont post them online for sure,
but bye.
01001101 (Mario): I heard you were like 14, I'm impressed at what you can do buddy. You hate me cause I piss you off? Oh, it wasn't even started yet.

Threat much? Your the one who admitted to taking the server offline. You fucking skid and a half. You know, we need a fuck you emotion on this forum, I'm going to add that later today. Your NOT cool because you use a free VPN.

OH! And I just banned you, but you wont ever see this message unless someone tells you or you are a faggot and go ban evade, and then I have to waste my time to go ban you, AGAIN. Ok well, bye (:

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