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I'm Luigi
Oh gawd.. where to start?! Well first I got this.
[Image: 1FVvq]

1. Just because you don't like me Mario doesn't mean no body else does either. You aren't no Tupac, no body will dick ride you.

2. I don't got a VPN because I like fast internet when I game (MLG Pro Status) and VPNs are slow as fuck (even paid ones). So, so much for your little VPN joke.

After that I signed out and viewed my post.
[Image: 1FVC2]

1. Threat? What I meant by that is the fact I joke around with people. If you knew me in real life you'd laugh at the shit I say, not take threat to it.

2. I never admitted to taking the servers down? I was accused by everyone and being the person I am I joked around about it.
[Image: 1FQRm]

3. I'm a skid and a half? You obviously don't know me. I don't do any type of hacking shit. I play Xbox in my free time and I try hard. I'm a schweaty try hard at Call of Duty. I've beaten a ton of known MLG/GB/eSport/ect.

4. A fuck you emotion? That would be easily over used.

5. Again with the accusing... I don't have a fucking VPN and never had one. I like fucking fast internet with 54Mbs down & 8Mbs up. Fuck VPNs.

6. No body told me I just decided to sign out of the banned account and check myself. Too bad no IP bans on the site. Sad

So anyways, stop accusing me for taking down the site and using VPNs.
It's like you want me to be a skid or something?

... Stop making accounts here. Please.
Really beginning to be a tad petty.

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