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Hey! It's Acidic
Hi guys, my name's Adam, I'm known as Acidic around forums that I use.
I joined Players Tech because I'm getting bored of other forum software like IPB, vB ect. MyBB has got to be the best comfort for me.

I'd like to say, great job to Jord. I can see you've spent a lot of time on this website as I've been checking daily. I just thought I'd sign up now as you made the topic about the official open!

I'd replace the smilies & post icons btw Tongue

See you around! Big Grin
Hi there Acidic. I think I know you from Hack Forums; I'm not too sure.
Anyway, welcome to Players Tech!

I'll replace the smilies & post icons later. Haha.
Hey! I'm also new to Players Tech. It looks alright Smile
Welcome on PlayersTech Smile
Welcome to PlayersTech, Acidic.
welcome to the site

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