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Junk: [RAFFLE] Win a Dazzle! [OPEN]
Okay guys im new here and looking to get rid of some of my gaming equipment what im doing now is i am raffling my dazzle off for £5 a ticket.

The contest will begin when at least 10 people enter the competition.

When 10 people enter i will start adding names to a hat and pick the lucky winner from it.

Once you enter there is not turning back. Money will be kept until the end of the raffle.

What do you win?:

1 Ticket = £5/$9
2 Tickets = £10/$18
3 Tickets = £15/$25
5 Tickets = £20/$30

No refund.
This is a bargain as you could win the dazzle for $9 or £5, i would do this now before the sites population increase and the probability of you winning decreases.

Add you PlayersTech Name in the paypal notes when you send the payment, My paypal: [email protected]

After that just PM me saying you sent the money and your name will be added.

Good luck and pictures will be up soon Smile
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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