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Junk: My Suggestions
More User Ranks Like Members Badge Ect And Then Have A Thread Showing all Ranks!

Also Maybe a Forum size Decrease Seems as it Goes Of The Page!
Ok, I agree with your fist bit about more badges, but I'm not sure if I'm even going to keep my current
badge design.

Badges will grow as people purchase their own official group.
More information at:

I will update the help docs with a list of ranks and add them to the navigation bar.

Do you mean an automatic image resizer for threads?
no your actual global.css theme size for example change it to 95% or less.
Yes, I know what you meant. I've increased the size to 1250px recently. Everything seems
to be fully functional and looking alright.

Whats your problem and what browser are you using?
This thread has been junked!

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