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Virus Removal [OPEN]
Hey Playerstech!

Computer have a virus?

Good antivirus too expensive?

Well guess what!?

I'm a human fucking antivirus!

Let's get to the point. I'm offering FREE virus removal services! I know the Windows OS inside and out. I can remove 99.9% of all viruses, and if you're sure it's not gone I'll get someone else to check it out!

I will do anyone's computer for free! However I need you all to submit an application with the following format filled out so I can accordingly prioritize the infections!

Do you know what type of virus do you have?: Type here
Is your computer infected by a live-person?: Type here
If your computer is infected by a live person, is your computer's integrity threatened?: Type here
How severe would you rate your infection on a scale 1/10?: (10 being you fear you might be blue screened) Type here
Would you like me to put an antivirus on your computer for you? Type here

I'm extremely sorry if your computer is in danger and you have to write this format, but it is my only way to stay organized.

At the moment I am only doing WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS
Nice service you have here. Hope all goes well.
Supra, can you remove trojans that are infecting the Program Files(x86) area?
Good Luck with your services supra.
(06-05-2012, 05:36 AM)SpiXed Wrote: Good Luck with your services supra.
His last visit was May 11th, I'm pretty sure he is done with his "services".
Thread closed due to OP's activity. The OP can PM me if he has any problems with this


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