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[ ESL ] Electronic Sports League - Logo
I need some feedback on a ESL Logo I have made.
I only want feedback on the logo itself. Because the background and all the other stuff was made really fast.

[Image: esllogobydeadly.png]
That's quite good actually! I must say though, it would look a lot better if the main central part
was on it's own, without a background and a transparent surrounding.

Yeah I know. But I also try to keep it so it looks like they own logo Big Grin
But thank you very much. Some good advice you gave me.

What do you mean with the center part ? Like the blue and black strings?
And do you mean like a transparent "floor" or do you want the white plate to be transparent.
I think I get you're idea, but I just want to make sure what you mean Big Grin
The center of the image lol.
The main object.
I misunderstood you. I stated in the OP that i only wanted feedback on the logo it self. So I thought you meant something on the logo. I'm sorry. (:
It looks good. It looks like a logo for a computer or program or something Tongue
Glad you guys like it (:

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