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Auto Double Click Malware
Recently I am facing with a problem of Auto double click . Suddenly this malware activated and stops any reason. I use Windows Defender but it cannot catch anything. Even I have updated my my windows but still problem exists. How can I be free from this problem, any wise idea ?
Get avast or malware bytes check this forum out
also look at your task manager for any suspicious files googles em if you don't know and if nothing comes up look at the source folder and if its some weird folder with like some text named key log an shit delete immediatly if you cant shut down computer and change all passwords then start in safemode and delete
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
Hopefully you have this problem fixed by now but if you don't i'm going to give you some assistance as well,windows defender is good to use but viruses can get through windows defender if they want,you need to be more safe and go with Malware bytes which you can download and use a trial version from or you can use some other protector like comodo firewall which I use.But once you install malware bytes perform a full virus scan... and post the log on here and let's see what's going on with your pc. I can also take a look through team viewer if you want.I have also done some research and managed to find this out It actually isn't a virus. It is a part of Google, since Google bought Doubleclick. From what I can see on searches, it is a stinker to get rid of. I would suggest visiting Majorgeeks forum for assistance as you may need to make several registry changes to get it all out.

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