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Junk: VIP General Chat
Calling all VIP Members, This place is our private chat from Public areas. Feel free post here for fun.

BTW, Jord could you restore my awards please? And what happened to our Group badges?
What awards did you have? I'll award you the ELITE one just now.
It was kinda something like First 5 Members to get 25 Posts. It doesn't exist anymore. So I'll try to reach 100. Could we have a section for GTA Games?
Just post in the 'Other Games' section. Too many sections atm.
I wonder why nobody reps me.
Dere. Wink
Thanks mate. I saw that Uzi has got staff. And shouldn't ELITE be able to give 10 Rep?
I'm away for my dinner. When I come back, I'll adjust group permissions.
Hey Jord, whats with the theme? I saw that you were denied support on MyBB. You need to do away with the theme.
errm.. no.

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