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Junk: Help Promote Uber Forums
I've made some images which represent Uber Forums. They aren't the best, but they still look all right. If you want to help promote Uber Forums but don't like any of the following images, feel free to make your own!

Copy the code snippets into your signatures on other forums. This will hopefully get the message around if everyone helps out! The more activity the better!

Here are some forums that you advertise:

There are lots more, post them below and I'll add them!

By advertise, I mean attach the images to your signatures and post on these forums.
Tip: Use your referral link to build up your referrals. Also, post in the most popular forum i.e General Discussion, The Lounge ect.

I almost forgot, posting in Showcase forums are also a good form of advertising.
Don't post any Showcase topics on Hack Forums. Just bump this one:

Thank you!
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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