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Junk: The Real Major League Gaming! - Short Film

Short Summary

Hello there! My name is Ryan Malitsch, aka Pr0ph3cy. I am a 19 year old gamer from Northampton, Pennsylvania. I have been gaming ever since my childhood. From the Nitendo 64, to the Xbox, PlayStation2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and of course the computer.

This Is Major League Gaming is a look inside the lives of players and teams of the MLG. We will be filming on September 15 at the Fall Fighting Game Arena in New York City inside the MLG Studio! We will also show you all the practice and dedication it takes from the players and teams. Do not forget about all the emotions that come with gaming!

What We Need

I am asking for a goal of just $2,000. 100% of the money will be spent on the short-film: This Is Major League Gaming! We need to buy and do a lot of preperation to make this a success.

High Definition Video Camera(s)
Travel Expenses
MLG Event Passes
Hotel Rooms
The Impact

This is valuable to the entire gaming community! Lets squash all the terrible gaming myths once and for all! We will, as a gaming community, show everyone what it takes to play games competitively.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute, that is fine and understandable. There are other ways that you can help without contributing!

Share the link to this page to everyone, like a virus!!
This seems cool. I might pitch it, but it depends.
(07-26-2012, 03:04 AM)Blur Wrote: This seems cool. I might pitch it, but it depends.

Please do! This will be a sick video!
I agree, Blur. This is pretty interesting!
Good luck man!
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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