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Junk: Elite Package Advantages
Access to VIP Members Area
Blue coloured username
VIP Member Award
Exclusive Downloads & Giveaways
Ability to use PM Tracking System
Customisable User Title
Ability to delete own posts & threads
Ability to change username
Ability to view members warning levels
Ability to upload avatars
Ability to view all your reported posts
Ability to view other members reported posts
Eight blue stars on profile
Ability to use the Quick Reply feature in PMs
Additional Message Quote of 5,000
Additional 15 recipients per message (20 in total)
Respect from other users
Stronger reputation
Maximum reputations allowed to give per day: 10
Special VIP Usergroup Image
Thanks a lot! I'll update the upgrade page now!
I've updated the upgrade page, just need to make sure the group permissions meet what is says on the upgrade page.
Thanks Jord. No problem as usual.
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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