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Update - 02/20/2014 - Small
Hello everyone.

So here's a small update:
Upgraded area - I have added the Upgraded area (Only upgraded members can see it)
bCoin has had some changes - I have raised the ammount of bCoin that you get for specific things like: Posts, Threads, Rates, Polls, Refferals, etc.
Subscriptions - I have added some subscriptions for members to buy with bCoin. You can not buy Equinox with bCoin. To purchase Equinox, you will have to PM me (We only accept BTC and LTC).

So that's it for today.

Also, what would you think of advertisements on this forum?
Like the ones that you may see on other forums so that it can help support us with the server fees.
Ex-Administrator & Staff member of PacketPunks.
[Image: BWYXxhl.gif]
hello boss good afternoon.. My twitter account is ready (nda Cules boys).. Angel

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