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Junk: I've got a Spare $2
Im giving away $2. I've sent Jord a number so it cannot be set up or biased.
Post a number between 1-100.

I can announce that this contest is legit and proof has been shown.
Me and Gen have also came to an agreement.

Go ahead and guess!
I'll guess number... 53!
I'll guess number 30.
PM me if I win, thanks.
I'm going to give it a try.
Number 17.
I most likely don't have any luck. So I hope I got some this time.
Nobody is correct yet. Have another go, try your luck. Smile
I'll guess number, 69. Tongue
Number 99 of course!
It would be nice to know to rules. If we are allowed to post a number more then once.
number 5

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