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Colored Usernames
I'm suggesting that under the "hCoin" tab, you can buy different colors and/or effects for your username.

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^ i like this idea alot
yeag alot
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
Of course, but i can't vote -_-
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I think this would work alright but think about it,this could make the forum lag.
Ehhh, that would conflict with admin and staff colors... Maybe if they added a distinguished feature to define a person of higher authority, it might work. Maybe custom colors for paid users only?
[Image: 2mwp4dd.jpg]
We cannot do this at the current time and the abuse potential is too high. It's an excellent suggestion but in reality I don't see it working out - on the basis that it would be confusing for new members, staff or admins to know what "color" is for what group and would make the forum look messy.

When we introduce private/community groups on PP, this suggestion would cause some issues with colors.

Thank you for the suggestion Siberia but I'm afraid we'll have to deny it.
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