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Junk: 50 Posts!
I've just reached the milestone of 50 posts. It's not much, but it's something.
I'm glad what Players Tech has come to and I hope more users join us
soon enough!

Thanks, and expect more from me!

Yeah it is nice to see some active members. And congratulations Smile
yeah it is, im happy for it
i hope it stays, there has been times where everyone has left the site
Congrats Jord! It's makes sense that the guy who made the site should
be top poster. Well, until I'm back. Haha!
Thanks man! Much appreciated. We'll just see if you can beat my
post count! ahaha.
Nice job, Jord. I just keep battling it out with "Deadly" to get 2nd place! We are always a few posts apart!
Thanks Kore! Haha, I noticed you guys are always battling it out. Tongue
This thread has been junked!

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