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Junk: Junk: Do NOT overstaff
Hey Playerstech,

I'd just like to give some two-sense about staff and administration. I've been staff of 3 Mybb boards and been an Admin of 2. The biggest issue I've noticed that causes Mybb sites to die off is too much staff.

I'm not saying this Forum has too much staff (I have not even checked yet) but I would just like to warn you all. You DO NOT want to have Moderators being moderated by Moderators. The population of the forum needs to be just that, population. Staff should be implemented as the forum grows.

Good luck with this site. I'll be here if you guys need me!!!
You're not the only one. I've noticed that too. I don't plan to over staff anyway.
I agree in this. I have been a Head-Mod on a forum with 15k+ members. And we were about 6 staff members. That was more then enough.
We only have 3 staff members.
Yes, yes. I agree on this.
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked!

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